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3d Printer Prusa i3 build log #0

Still missing a few things


I’ve decided to get into the 3d printing space and decided to build a reprap Prusa i3. Based on community feedback it seems like a good solid printer for a first timer as well as relatively accessible in terms of acquring parts. I’ve spent a fair bit of time trawling ebay and aliexpress in order to pick up all the parts. Hopefully I can keep the total sub $500.

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German Engineered Career Boost

Continental Logo

Things have been pretty hectic over the last couple of months so I kinda left the blog go a little bit.

Beginning in August I started an internship with Continental Engineering Services within their interior electronics division. I managed to get in contact with them through my University’s international experience program (RIIERP) and after teleconferencing with them it was all pretty much arranged. In order to make my relocation to Nuremberg a bit smoother the international office at the local University Georg Simon Ohm Technische Hochschule helped me out (Cool huh?!).

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Bitcoin in Melbourne

Coffee from Beaver's tail social club
Coffee from Beaver’s tail social club


With such a booming local scene Melbourne is a thriving hub for bitcoin, there are already a number of cafe’s and small businesses accepting the online currency. Being just generally interested in bitcoin as well as currently working on a bitcoin software project I thought I should go and show some support and try out the coffee at some of the bitcoin friendly cafe’s in St Kilda and West Melbourne, conveniently all within cycling distance of my house.

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