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it's messy
it’s messy but it’s mine

I have plenty of things on the go at the moment whilst trying to finish my studies as well. This page serves the purpose of keeping me on track to complete more things.

In progress

Makerthon Melbourne

Bluetooth Rotary Phone – blog post coming about this one. – Currently just a 90s “under construction” page

RMIT Electric racing – We’re building a race car!


DIY Piper

Sorted parts cabinet – Trying to bring some order to my resistors and caps. (post here)

Reprap prusa i3 REWORK – will never be “completed” officially, I’ll continue to mod. All posts under “3d printer” category

Nintendo 64 wireless controller – information here

Nintendo 64 gamecube thumbstick mod – basically just this

Future (not started)

Ambilight clone – probably don’t want to go to quite this level of detail.

OTP Generator – similar to this but a little bigger and with a screen to select the account.

Arduino/cloud weather station – Not sure why, just wanted one

Raspberry pi Streaming video/time lapse capture.

Bluetooth “smart watch” – Using just an RGB led, bluetooth module, RTC module and vibration motor.

Arduino/Raspberry pi cheatsheet page. I want to compile a one post collection of how to use many of the common arduino/raspberry pi sensors, switches and IO of all types.


CNC Machine – Delayed due to price and design considerations.

8x8x8 LED Cube – Need a bit of wood for a jig and a free weekend.