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Makerthon Melbourne

Makerthon Melbourne is an Australian hardware focused hackathon for makers, DIYers & tinkerers

My latest project is launching a hackathon event for engineering students, makers, DIYers, hackers and tinkerers. It’s basically a weekend competition for teams to make some sort of cool project, we’re expecting robots, drones, VR, internet of things, startup concepts, raspberry pi, arduino, 3d printing and plenty more. Many of the details are to be finalised in the coming months but jump on the mailing list or follow us on twitter to keep up to date with it.

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How to sort components


So I finally got serious and decided to sort out my resistor mess. Some time in my first year of studying electronics I purchased an assorted bag of resistors from Jaycar. None of them had any markings on the paper retaining tape stuff, my lack of motivation for sorting them ended up in them being stored in a box and essentially forgotten about.

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