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Things have been pretty hectic over the last couple of months so I kinda left the blog go a little bit.

Beginning in August I started an internship with Continental Engineering Services within their interior electronics division. I managed to get in contact with them through my University’s international experience program (RIIERP) and after teleconferencing with them it was all pretty much arranged. In order to make my relocation to Nuremberg a bit smoother the international office at the local University Georg Simon Ohm Technische Hochschule helped me out (Cool huh?!).

My role within the team at Continental was working on a small web application written in Java as well as working on some minor parts of the codebase for an in vehicle telematics box. Some of the things that I achieved while I was there were:

  • Implement a Users/Roles/Permissions framework (Apache Shiro)
  • Front end visual changes using Primefaces
  • Backend changes using CDI Beans
  • Interfacing a RESTful API using fasterxml jackson and POJOs for mapping
  • Read CAN bus network messages using C
  • Database optimization (H2/MySQL)
  • Document the software (there was very little initially)
  • Suggest/Develop new features & functionality

All in all it was a great experience and a great team to be involved with.


Since coming home I’m keen to get back to all my little projects I’ve been hacking away at, expect updates on these projects as well as potentially more:

  • Wireless N64 Controller
  • N64 controller with NGC analog stick
  • Piper bitcoin paper wallet printer
  • CNC Machine/3D Printer