DIY Piper mounted in hobby boxDIY Piper mounted in hobby box
So I said I’d be back with an update on my DIY Piper bitcoin wallet printer and here is a quick rundown.

I’ve added all my changes to the git repo I set up at github. Since the previous post I’ve completed the basic circuit to allow for power/status LEDs, a remember/forget switch, shutdown button and importantly the print button. If anyone is interested I can provide a breakdown of the circuit used.

Some changes since last time and tips:
-Changed all relative file paths to exact
-use /dev/urandom to source randomness instead of /dev/random
-symbolically linked vanitygen to /usr/bin ($ sudo ln -s /home/pi/DIY-Piper/vanitygen /usr/bin)
-Forced the pi to autologin and execute scripts by editing /etc/inittab and /etc/profile (info sourced from here

It’s not pretty, it’s definitely not beautiful but it’s mine and it’s working.